How To: Say "hello," "good morning" & "Shanghai" in Shanghai

Say "hello," "good morning" & "Shanghai" in Shanghai

Shanghai in China has always been the most popular location choice for the World Expo, and this year's Expo is the most expensive in Expo history.

If you plan on going to the World Expo 2010, or you plan on seeing some of the Chinese sites and cities, it might be a good idea to learn some of the local Shanghai language. knowing a few common Shanghai words and phrases could prove very helpful to you, or at least make you seem seem trendy in communicating with the locals.

Follow Miss Huang's Shanghai Dialect Classroom. Let's say it in Shanghai!

Learn how to say:

* Shanghai (sang heh)
* I am from Shanghai (wú szi sang heh nìn)
* Good morning (nóng zóh)
* Hello (nóng hóh)

Say "hello," "good morning" & "Shanghai" in Shanghai

Say "hello," "good morning" & "Shanghai" in Shanghai Click through to watch this video on

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