How to Say "goodbye" in the Shanghai dialect

The World Expo 2010 is here! This year's Expo runs from May until October in Shanghai, China. Shanghai has always been the popular choice for the Expo, so if you want to go, make sure you know how to speak to the locals. At least, the basics anyway.

If you plan on straying off course into some of the Chinese sites and cities, it would probably be necessary to know a little of the Shanghai language. It's trendy, too, for foreigners to speak the local dialect, but it's more about communicating effectively. Learn one of the most common Shanghai phrases — good bye!

Follow Miss Huang's Shanghai Dialect Classroom. Let's say it in Shanghai!

Learn how to say:

* Goodbye (zeh wèh) or Bye Bye!

Say "goodbye" in the Shanghai dialect

Say "goodbye" in the Shanghai dialect Click through to watch this video on

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