How To: Compliment someone in Mandarin Chinese

Compliment someone in Mandarin Chinese

Everyone likes to be complimented. This tutorial teaches you compliments and terms of endearment in Mandarin Chinese. In this how to video you will learn how to say the following Mandarin Chinese phrases:
Dear/ Darling
Pronunciation: Qin(1) Ai(4) De(5)

Pronunciation: Bao(3) Bei(4)

You are so beautiful!
Pronunciation: Ni(3) Zhen(1) Mei(3)

You are dressed so nicely today!
Pronunciation: Ni(3) Jin(1) Tian(1) Chuan(1) De(5) Zhen(1) Piao(4) Liang(4)

You are great!
Pronunciation: Ni(3) Zhen(1) Bang(4)

For those of you unfamiliar with the Chinese Pin Yin tonal system the numbers in the parentheses indicate the tone which the character should be pronounced in.

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